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  • Welcome!

    At St. Joseph Church in West Milford, NJ, the roots of our Catholic faith date back many generations to 1765.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, we hold dear and practice the teachings of this beautiful faith and pass it on…

  • "I want to see."

    We continue to look at stories from the Gospel of  Mark at our Sunday morning sessions of Generations of Faith.  We read about Bartimaeus, a blind man who sat by the side of the road begging.  He wanted to…

  • Prepare our Hearts for Christmas !

      Pope Francis asks us to prepare our hearts for Christmas !  He reminds us that our hearts need to be open so Jesus can meet us there.  Christmas, he stressed, is a  meeting with the Lord in faith. …

  • Advent is Here !

    Advent is a time to prepare our hearts for the beautiful feast of Christmas !          

  • Who is my Neighbor ?

    When asked what a person has to do to get to heaven, Jesus responded with the Great Commandment.   Then he was asked,  “Who is my neighbor ?”  It was then that Jesus told the parable of the Good…

  • Catholics Read the Bible

    Our Catholic Practice for the year is reading the bible.  Pope Francis encourages us to “Take It, Carry It with you and read it every day: it is Jesus Himself who is speaking to you…”  The Gospel of St. Mark…


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