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  • Generations of Faith for 2016 - 2017

    This past September we began our 10th year inviting households to gather for Generations of Faith.  This approach to faith formation is drawn from our Catholic tradition.  Together, and with the support of a Catholic community with a rich…

  • Catholic Practice: Making the Sign of the Cross

    The Sign of the Cross is special to Catholics.  Making the Sign of the Cross shows our belief in one God who is three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  It also reminds us that…

  • Study Cards: Catholic Beliefs and Doctrine

    The sets of study cards are for children in grades 4 – 8.  Each month a new set will be posted.  These cards should be downloaded, read and studied. Set 1-4

  • Youth Ministry Special Events 2016 - 2017

    To foster living as a disciple of Christ in our world today, teens are asked to attend special events. These events are designed to encourage attendance at parish and diocesan events that teens may not otherwise attend. The following special…

  • Mother Teresa of Calcutta

    In Rome on Sunday, September 4, Pope Francis will canonize Mother Teresa of Calcutta. In her lifetime, Mother Teresa radiated the light of God’s love to so many through the works of mercy, both material and spiritual. From heaven…

  • September Gatherings

    The faith gatherings are designed to focus our attention on our Lord Jesus Christ.  Specifically this year we will be studying the Sacramental Life of the Church and practices of our faith that support our understanding of  the sacraments. …


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