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Generations of FaithThe community of St. Joseph Church has made a firm commitment to use its resources to nurture the lifelong faith of all its members.

We call our inter-generational gatherings Generations of Faith, because St. Joseph Church is built on the faith of generations dating back to 1765.  It is now the way we do faith formation at St. Joseph Church. In addition to these gatherings lifelong faith formation occurs when the community participates in worship, prayer, evangelization and justice & service activities.

Why is it important to continue to educate all households in our Catholic faith ?  Research shows that families are more effective and stronger when they have the support and encouragement of those around them.

Generations of Faith is an engaging, enjoyable, yet powerful way to learn about our faith. And it’s FOR EVERYONE… for you…and for your children…and for your spouse…and for your parents…and for couples…and for singles…for teenagers…for retired people.

It’s a way of fostering life-long learning and growing together in our faith – in our homes and gathered together in our parish community.

If we want our children and teens to become lifelong Catholics and members of the church we have to start now by involving the whole family in the life of the church. Parishioners can attend gatherings on Friday evening, Saturday morning, Sunday morning or Sunday afternoon. All children in the family [Grades K-12] can attend the gatherings at the same time. Please call the Parish Office for registration information.

What can you expect from Generations of Faith?  It …

  • gives you a way to strengthen the faith of your family;
  • builds up confidence and ability of parents to share their faith and values with their children; is a model of learning that helps parents learn alongside their children and enables them to bring the learning home;
  • encourages everyone to participate in Church life – Sunday Mass, sacraments, church events, etc.

We are grateful to God and the many parishioners who participate each year in Generations of Faith !

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